Our History

Flair Travel Management (Flair Pvt. Ltd.) is among the most promising Independent Travel Agencies in the industry, spear-headed by our Executive team which has over 27 years of Aviation and Travel industry experience.

With immense drive to succeed in our entrepreneurial approach, we make great efforts in accumulating a variety of Domestic and International clientele and presenting the best suited Travel Solutions to them.

This strong client-faced approach, paired with our inexplicable record of having distinct practical knowledge in the industry is further complemented by the modernized web-based technology we have implemented. Our services are not only limited to travel and tourism; we have expanded our expertise in related fields to further accommodate the demands of our clients. Flair now offers Translation services and VISA Express services as sub-divisions of our steadily evolving enterprise. We also offer Hajj and Umrah services, as well as educational courses and consultancy to clients expressing interest in being educated abroad

Proficient teams of trained professionals provide exemplary services that enrich your travels from the beginning to the end, thus tailoring a unique experience. We are impartial to individual needs and are eager to pacify whatever complications that may arise. Flair encourages our clients to make use of our 24-Hour assistance which functions all-year round.


Our company strives to inspire our customers through unparalleled service and customer satisfaction that can be carried through with them on their journey. The success of our clients is undoubtedly our success as well.

Our Team



Telephone: +92 51 2601658-9 Mobile: +92 300 5302530 Fax: +92 51 2601699 Email: Zahid@flair.com.pk

Irfan Khan


Telephone: +92 51 2601658-9 Mobile: +92 333 5169182 Fax: +92 51 2601699 Email: irfan@flair.com.pk or online_irfan@yahoo.com


Managing Director

Telephone: +92 51 2601658 Mobile: +92 300 8550490 Fax: +92 51 2601699 Email: shahzad@flair.com.pk or sfkhan73@hotmail.com

Irfan Noman

Executive Director

Telephone: +92 51 2601658-9 Mobile: +92 300 9718558 Fax: +92 51 2601699 Email: noman@flair.com.pk or irfan.noman@hotmail.com

Flair Services & Standards

Upon gaining a new client, a set of service standards tailored to those clients individual needs is agreed. These are then introduced and reviewed on a regular basis in conjunction with the client. Thus ensuring we are providing the optimum levels of service possible

Corporate Social Responsibility.

Corporate Social Responsibility has been defined as many things lately. Simply, it is the commitment of Flair Travel Management to continuously upgrading its processes, systems, products and services by creating value for local communities they operate in, and by enabling its employees and existing and potential customers to improve their standards of living.