One thing that's always guaranteed with an Flair Ticketing Department is that your around the world airfare will be a set price, paid for in a lump sum.

VISA Express

Flair Visa Express focuses on guiding the applicants through the visa application process by providing accurate information, assisting in application submission and collection of passports

Tours & Holidays

Whatever you've got in mind, we've got an escorted tour perfect for you

Flair Translations

Flair International provides professional certified Italian, French and Spanish translations.

Delivery Serivces - Jinnbaba

Flair (pvt) ltd. is proud to announce its delivery service project named Jinnbaba Services. The objective of Jinnbaba is to deliver high quality goods, well according to the market standardized rates, at the doorstep of its clients, keeping in serious consideration hygiene standards.

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